Ashu Aspires to be a Doctor!

“First step towards achieving big is dreaming big” One of Feeding India’s beneficiaries, Ashu from an area near Basai Chowk thinks the same. Ashu is in 5th standard and wants to be a doctor. When asked about his dream he prompted,” I want to be a doctor and want to cure my grandfather’s eye so... Continue Reading →

Mann ki Tamanna Done Right!

Everyone love pizzas don't we ? It has become one of the most common snack while hanging out with family and friends. What's common for us is an aspiration of millions of underprivileged kids who cannot even afford to save themselves a square meal a day. Rohan Bhatt a food lover by heart and food... Continue Reading →

Do We Waste Food?

India, today, is a formidable superpower and a worthy influencer at the global stage. We went from a third world colonial storehouse to the G20 and then the G4, in less than a century. We successfully mechanized our industries, liberalized, privatized, globalized our economy and digitized our world. While we continue to celebrate our economic... Continue Reading →

#BeAHungerHero – IAmFeedingIndia

"The key to better nutrition, and ultimately to ensuring each person's right to food, lies in better food systems - smarter approaches, policies and investments encompassing the environment, people, institutions and processes by which agricultural products are produced, processed and brought to consumers in a sustainable manner," were the words of, former, UN Secretary General,... Continue Reading →

Heart Full of Compassion!

A story has come flying to us from Mumbai that boosts our sense of compassion and restores our faith in humanity. eBZaar, a market place for daily shopping needs like grocery, foods & veggies etc. had raised some amounts from a crowdfunding campaign, which promised food/grocery gift hampers to their backers. At the end of the... Continue Reading →

Nandan wants to be a Doctor!

Success is not just the achievement of one’s personal goals. It’s the disguised success. The real success lies in embracing your values, virtues and imperfections to carve a path for yourself amid all the difficult hurdles and conditions. It’s the journey towards the accomplishment of your aims that grows and develops your personality. And when... Continue Reading →

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