World Health Day 2016 @ Feeding India

By Shikhar Tomer “Awareness is like the sun when it shines on things they are transformed.” Thick That Hanh Awareness is golden. Being in the know of your consciousness, your surrounding, Your mere habits. It works a great deal for your benefit. This year on World Health Day, Feeding India an opportunity to drop a few... Continue Reading →

A Letter to Santa

Address: The footpath, Opposite New Delhi metro station, Delhi, India. Date: 14th December, 2016 Dear Santa, How have you been? I have been waiting for you or your letters since long, but none came. Like every year, I waited for you last year too, but you did not come. I thought maybe, I had not... Continue Reading →

Painstakingly Negligent

Twinkling eyes, Barren lips, Burning throat and scorching heat. One droplet to overflowing teardrops. A collection of nodding heads huddle, What will suffice this thirst for hunger? This appetite, no feast can gratify. I am hunger. I am silence, and I am screams. I am armies, and I am kings. None sees me, the dread... Continue Reading →

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