The secret of happiness is freedom, and the secret of freedom, courage.



The Ludhiana chapter of Feeding India celebrated Independence Day this week with slum children by telling them about the importance of the day and introducing them to our freedom fighters. Children sat in lines along with the Hunger Heroes in front of the national flag brought by the team.

The City Leader started the event by wishing everyone present at the venue. He explained to the children the history of the Indian Freedom Struggle and why it is a day to be celebrated. A small act was prepared by the Hunger Heroes representing Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev, while another narrated the whole situation to the completely rapt children.


The kids were listening carefully to them and paying attention to every word, immensely interested in the skit. They participated by asking pertinent questions to the team members and exhibiting their curiosity. The level of excitement increased when the music began and they sang along while danced to the beat of patriotic songs.

An oath was taken by the children and Hunger Heroes followed by the flag hoisting and the national anthem. The children were later served boxes of fruit juice and other snacks. And were made aware about the benefits of fruits and vegetables. Feeding India promoted the campaign of ‘Panting Trees this Independence’ by planting 20 plants in the same area with the help of the slum kids.

Youth of the city is bringing a most welcome change by making Ludhiana a ‘Hunger-Free City’. More and more people are joining the non-profit organisation and taking up the initiative of bringing food and happiness to the ones who really need it. The Ludhiana chapter of Feeding India is now being recognised by the whole city as the ‘green t-shirts’ people who are at service 24*7.

– Chitvan Walia

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