Sabri Shines Away to Glory

22-year-old mother Sabri lives in Nizamuddin Shelter Home with her three kids. Talking to her made me realise the hardships of life and how a positive attitude goes a long way towards fulfilling your wishes.

She is a proud mother who beamed when asked about her kids. Her eldest, Sarbar, is four years old. Right now her main worry is about his education and whether or not she will be able to afford to get him admitted to a school. The second in line is Ehsaan, who is just shy of 2 years. He is fascinated by shiny objects and is always in a jolly mood. Her youngest is Shazia, who will complete five months in October.

The family has been through a lot in the past 6 months because of her alcoholic husband who stopped supporting them financially. Sabri herself had to ensure the survival of her and her three kids. Her eyes almost teared up talking about the past and all that her children had to go through because of financial problems. Yet she remains a positive person and tries her best to make sure that her kids get a better life than she did. She just wants to see them happy and make something of themselves.

She looks forward to the visits by Feeding India volunteers because she knows that through them, her kids will get to eat nutritious food. She also says that the kids have a fun time in the interactive secessions that they hold. In a very eager voice, she asked me to teach her how to write her kids names in English. In the very first try, she produced it and in a beautiful handwriting as well.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish all good things for her and her beautiful kids and hope to see them soon.

– Asmita Narang

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