Tips to Reduce Food Wastage

In this fast-paced world, we carry out a great many needless acts without realizing the benefits that are deprived. Out of numerous such activities, one is wastage of food and a lot of us are active participants in it. Do you know, more than one-third of all food produced across the globe is wasted or left to spoil!

Can you recall the last time you did not throw away your unused meal but offered it to someone in need? If you can, well congratulations, we need more people like you and in case you cannot, welcome to the larger community of individuals who need a massive revision of their actions. As they say, change begins from our own homes; so here are some simple ways by which we can reduce food wastage at our homes:

When preparing, don’t over-serve food

We can avoid over-serving friends or family when preparing meals by using small plates and small serving sizes. This avoids the scenario of leftover food in our plates and hence, prevents wastage.

Save food and consume leftovers

Always make sure to save uneaten food when you cook too much or order in excess at a restaurant. Ensure to store it properly and consume or donate before its contents become unhealthy.

Keep track of what we buy and dump

It is essential to have a record of everything you’re dumping in order to not repeat it in the coming future. Also, we must check our supply of food before we go out to shop. That way we won’t overstuff our refrigerators, at the same time keeping a check on food wastage.

Practice food donation

Before discarding excess food, look up for the organizations that can help in handing it out to the people in need. It not only prevents wastage of surplus food but also redirects it to those in need.

Educate and sensitize the society

It is appalling that even today, we turn a blind eye to the adversities of hunger and food wastage around us. It is imperative to awaken the conscience of people and make them aware of their social responsibilities at an individual level.

– Kshitij Kumar

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  1. How do you guys manage to store food which is left over in parties and social function ? The parties usually gets over at midnight then how do you manage to restore the left over food and keep it edible for the needy?


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