Ambition can do wonders!

During the course of our life, we come across a set of circumstances where we’re meant to establish a choice among several options at hand. Mostly, you have to lay one possibility at rest to help exist another irrespective of the cognitive crisis submitted to you. But sometimes, all the alternatives are identically essential and cannot be discarded at all. In such cases, you run into solutions until solutions themselves crash into you only because you seemed purposeful enough. One such instance has set up its home in Aakash’s life, a 12-year old diligent kid living off the rewards of his very own strong-mindedness.  

With his father being a fruits and vegetables seller and mother, a housemaid, the income of the household was not sufficient to educate him as well as supply him the basic necessities of survival, both at the same time. In a small amount of money that his parents drew from their lines of businesses, they could either send him to a school or let their child have the compulsory grub of the day. Since abandoning any of the two options wasn’t prudent, the parents began their search for remedies until they found a school in their city that dispensed mid-day meals to its students. After a thorough contemplation of the state, they decided to admit their child in it who was more than just contented to fill his time there.

A team of Feeding India volunteers visited the same school in person a few days ago to donate food for the kids. While strolling on the footways along the frontiers of the playground, a high-spirited boy caught my interest. He was so appealing that he did not call my name, but I took a fancy in learning his.

“Aakash.”, the boy told me his name.

“Which class are you in?” I replied.

In an almost faint voice, he said, “I study in second standard, Bhaiya. I joined school late.”

“Why?”, the curiosity in my heart uttered before the one in my mind could.

Aakash smiled at me and said, “Before coming here, I could either feed my hunger or my dreams… Bhaiya”

And dear readers, that is how I discovered the aforementioned tale of success over the need for food of a boy in his early youth. It is precisely for moments like these that we Hunger Heroes strive to empower underprivileged kids across the country by ensuring their basic necessities are met. When survival is taken care of, they get a fair chance to focus on realising their dreams.

– Kshitij Kumar

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