Khushbu Can’t Stop Smiling!

On the occasion of World Smile Day, volunteers from the Delhi chapter of Feeding India went to Nizamuddin Shelter Home to engage and interact with the kids there. Regardless of their age or background, all the kids have a strong bond between them and seem confident in their conduct.

11 year old Khushbu lives on her own in the shelter home, while her parents live in the outskirts of Delhi trying to earn a livelihood to make ends meet. Her days are spent in the 4th grade of a nearby government school and her evenings are a mix of finishing homework and playing games with her best friends. Her dream is to become an English teacher when she grows up. Her face lit up when we started conversing with her. She spoke in perfect english and with great confidence. We have no doubts that with a little extra help and support this little girl can reach great heights!

On being asked about the Feeding India volunteer visits, she says that her favourite part is the yummy food they bring and the interactive sessions they conduct. Her personal favourites are Burgers and Pizzas!

First, the children had a drawing competition, which was later followed by some games and a dance party. It brought such big smiles to the faces of each and every kid, symbolic of their immense joy and satisfaction. They showered us with so much love and affection that we did not want to leave them!

These kinds of initiatives go on to show how even the little of efforts on our part can mean so much to these kids and eventually bring about a change in their lives.

– Asmita Narang

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