Ashu Aspires to be a Doctor!

“First step towards achieving big is dreaming big”

One of Feeding India’s beneficiaries, Ashu from an area near Basai Chowk thinks the same. Ashu is in 5th standard and wants to be a doctor. When asked about his dream he prompted,” I want to be a doctor and want to cure my grandfather’s eye so that he can see me doing good in life like he always wanted”. His mother does the tailoring duty and his father unloads trucks. As a preschooler, he usually spent his days playing and enjoying with his grandfather because his parents had to go for duty to earn.

Ashu used to study in a government school before he took a long leave to take care of his grandfather. As a consequence, his name was struck off the rolls. This was a big setback as what seemed to be the only door towards his goal was closed. As recommended by his uncle he then took admission into Max Vision School where he is served meals daily and was delighted to find a good company of friends as well. Feeding India volunteers regularly visit the school and organize different activities and interactive sessions for the students. The wholesome meal includes Chapattis, Rice, Sabzi, Dall & a Desert.  He loves Bhindi ki sabzi and eagerly awaits for the day when he is served this vegetable.

A student with keen interest in academics lists Science, EVS and English as his favorite subjects. He has a clear vision in mind of him wearing a white long lab coat and entering the hospitals for treating the patients.

He is studying very hard to help others in the future. We need more such souls, don’t we? Unlike others, Ashu is not only good in academics but also in co-curricular activities. It’s heart touching to meet such souls. These are the ones who make us believe that the future is going to be beautiful. Feeding India wishes Ashu luck and success at his way.

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