Mann ki Tamanna Done Right!

FB_IMG_1508025668369.jpgEveryone love pizzas don’t we ? It has become one of the most common snack while hanging out with family and friends.

What’s common for us is an aspiration of millions of underprivileged kids who cannot even afford to save themselves a square meal a day.

Rohan Bhatt a food lover by heart and food blogger by profession came across Feeding India and was amazed to see the young hunger heros rescuing loads of excess food from restaurants daily.

Soon knowing about the World Food Week celebration, he decided to get on board and fulfill the wishes of some unfortunate kids for always desired of having pizzas but never had.FB_IMG_1508025674942.jpg

It was a fun day with both Rohan and Feeding India Hunger Heroes participated in preparing the dough to distributing the final version to the kids.

100s of unfortunate kids had pizzas for the first time. It was an amazing experience. I appeal to all the people in the community to step forward and feel the Joy of Giving.

Feeding India team Ahmedabad look forward to hosting many such events and spreading countless smiles.






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