#BeAHungerHero – Make Your Pre-Diwali Celebration Unique at Flea Fly Flu 2017.

Be A Hunger Hero


This year Feeding India and X5Retail have collaborated to add some social responsibility to your fun-filled pre-Diwali celebrations.

During this World Food Week, Feeding India has launched a movement to involve different stakeholders from chefs to citizens with the aim of reducing food wastage and creating an overall awareness about the menace of hunger.

X5 Retail has joined hands with Feeding India to make a difference by setting up a dedicated stall at the Flea Fly Flu event at Andheri sports club from 13-15 October. So, you have a fantastic chance to shop, eat, enjoy at the event and yet do your bit for the society without much effort.

Come join us as we Have some amazing activities and games planned for you. You can also meet our volunteers and sign up to be a #HungerHero.

As a great leader once said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”  It is time, we change our ways to ensure no one ever goes to sleep hungry. So, a part of this initiative and help us fight hunger and #BeAHungerHero.

See you at the Feeding India stall at Flea Fly Flu this weekend!

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