Kajal: A girl who figured out life at the age of 12!

At her mere age of 12, many children dream of becoming a superhero and fantasize of saving the world. Many have a rhetoric answer in store of growing up to be a doctor, engineer or a pilot. To be fair, many children at this small age don’t even start thinking of potential careers as they are too busy watching kid’s shows. But to our delight in one of the schools where Feeding India provides regular mid-day meals, we found a gem. Kajal Kumari of Max Vision School currently studying in 6th grade aspires to be a police officer when she stands on her own feet, fully aware of the struggles and hardships which will come down her lane as she has seen reality up close in the meager income of her parents through roadside tailoring who despite their best efforts can’t provide her all that she needs.

When we asked her why she wants to be a real hero instead of a reel hero, she replied back with a straight face, “I have seen grown up people talk about police officers negatively, yet I have always studied that they’re meant to protect us from criminals and goons. If I become a police officer I can show them that not all police officers are bad, and the ones who are bad indeed can be corrected”. This response was enough for us to reaffirm our positive thoughts about her. We were idealistic about her future but she knew how to be realistic about her present.

When we asked her about her favorite food she started smiling and replied back, “My choice is very different from other children in this regard, I like roti and sabzi and I am glad I can have it here in the school itself, one worry less for my parents.”

We asked her more questions but at no point it seemed as if we were talking to a 12 year old girl. She seemed a lot mature for her age.

In the end, we can’t express how grateful we feel when we come across our beneficiaries such as Kajal. It provides us with immense joy to know that we can improve lives by doing so little. And honestly, when a 12 year old girl comes up to us and lets us know how her life got better by our actions, that’s when we feel we have transformed the world. We wish Kajal all the best for her future endeavors!

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