“The key to better nutrition, and ultimately to ensuring each person’s right to food, lies in better food systems – smarter approaches, policies and investments encompassing the environment, people, institutions and processes by which agricultural products are produced, processed and brought to consumers in a sustainable manner,” were the words of, former, UN Secretary General, Ban-Ki-Moon, on the occasion of World Food Day last year.


This World Food Week (9 October – 16 October) we are getting the whole country together to staunch the massive food loss happening around us and utilize this excess IMG_2370.JPGfood to feed the empty stomachs. Through this movement, 50 food distribution systems (Magic Trucks/Bikes) will be set up throughout the country to proffer meals to people in need every day. Our overall intent being, to sensitize the average person about the menace of hunger and to, hopefully, inspire people to contribute, on a sustained basis, towards the goal of zero hunger in the near future.


During the world food week, we plan to undertake numerous activities and exercises centered around building, effective, community partnerships and enhancing community engagement. This can be achieved, simply, by encouraging stakeholders to take initiative by – spreading awareness, fundraising, donating excess food and volunteering. An active response to the ‘Call to Actions’ by the stakeholders can help create awareness and foster a sense of involvement amongst varied communities.


To put up a strong fight against one of the biggest problems that plague our world, it’s imperative to engage everyone, even at the micro level. Increased awareness and sustained action can truly help us Feed India.