Deepak: Fueling Dreams with Goodness & Hardwork

You don’t know how strong you are, until and unless being strong is the only option you have. Our beneficiary Deepak, studying in 3rd standard at Max Vision School, Basai Chowk where Feeding India provides nutritious mid-day meals on regular basis, is a true example.

Three years back, he lost his father who was a cook in a restaurant. The reason of his death is heart-wrenching. In conversation with Deepak, with teary eyes, he told us, “One day when my dad was kneading dough at the restaurant, by mistake he added some extra water to the dough. The owner reprimanded and threatened him. When my dad said that he could keep a part of his salary for his mistake, the owner didn’t listen. Next day, my dad was beaten to death.”

Deepak stays with his mother who works in a brick factory and two younger siblings in a slum near Basai Chowk. When asked, what he desires to be when he grows up? With virtuous innocence, he replied – “Accha Insaan”! – To do good and spread goodness. He aspires to be a “Police Officer” to end injustice towards that section of the society whose voices are suppressed by the mighty.

Deepak regularly attends school, as he believes that education is the path to fulfilling his dreams. His teachers are fond of him as he is very intelligent and always open to learning new things. He actively participates in all the events organized in the school by Feeding India on different occasions.

Talking about food, Deepak smiled and said, “The meals provided by Feeding India are nutritious and tasty. A full stomach helps me to focus better on my studies. I look forward to the food every day but my favorite meal is Dal and Rice.”

Feeding India aims to reach out to more and more children who dream big but lack opportunities. We wish Deepak all the best and hope all his dreams come true.

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