Heart Full of Compassion!

A story has come flying to us from Mumbai that boosts our sense of compassion and restores our faith in humanity.

eBZaar, a market place for daily shopping needs like grocery, foods & veggies etc. had raised some amounts from a crowdfunding campaign, which promised food/grocery gift hampers to their backers. At the end of the campaign, they saw a sizeable number of backers from outside of Mumbai; They were given an option to transfer the gift hamper to their friends/families or donate to an NGO. Surprisingly, a significant number of backers chose to donate to an NGO.

eBZaar wanted to make an impact in the city they operate. The founder of the company, Mr. Viral Thakker, is well aware of the problem of malnutrition on one hand and food wastage on the other. Seeking to the response, Viral Thakker of eBZaar came in contact with Feeding India Mumbai to process the donation of 200+ kg of raw food.

The team geared up and explored prospective beneficiaries. Ultimately, they got in touch with Shanti Daan, an NGO that caters to 236 mentally and physically challenged people. The NGO in Gorai Borivali West was humbled by the gesture from eBZaar and Feeding India.  As much as 100 kgs of Basmati Rice, 60 kgs of Chana Dal, 50 kgs of Toor Dal and 30 ltr of Riso Oil were donated! As it would turn out, the timing of the donation coincided with the week of Raksha Bandhan, Friendship Day and Independence Day – all splendid events, symbolic of the deed.



The donation was managed by a very committed team of Hunger Heroes. We’re thankful to all the volunteers and most graciously to eBZaar for the kind gesture. Viral adds, “We had been crowned as a Top 15 Changemaker by Catapooolt and Economic Times as a part of the Changemaker 2017 Contest. What better way to bring a change than really benefiting people in your local area. The Feeding India team at HQ and in Mumbai is fantastic with the speed of its response and the professionalism with which it handled, helped our cause for the larger good.”

As a result of these efforts, the Ashram was spared from the effort of arranging food for the housemates and in fact now had sufficient food for an entire week atleast! eBZaar proved to be a change-maker indeed!

May we keep having these inspiring deeds on board, and as always Feeding India be the connection between the givers and seekers.

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