Nandan wants to be a Doctor!

Success is not just the achievement of one’s personal goals. It’s the disguised success. The real success lies in embracing your values, virtues and imperfections to carve a path for yourself amid all the difficult hurdles and conditions. It’s the journey towards the accomplishment of your aims that grows and develops your personality. And when young kids like Nandan grasp the real meaning of success and pursue that, you know that our nation’s future is in secure hands.

Son to the hard-working pair of parents – a father who iron clothes for living and a mother who has tailoring duties, Nandan surely understands their efforts and respects them. He is just in Class IV but already has his eyes on his ambition. The ambition to become a doctor and it’s not just something he heard of somewhere and caught. He has a purpose to it. Seeing his fellow classmates and family members getting infected by diseases, he was moved as most of the time they would become extremely weak. He wanted to do something for them. “Doctors are magicians. The make the pain go away and heal the patients. I want to be able to do that kind of magic,” exclaims Nandan.

Though admittedly it wasn’t easy for him to get enrolled into a school. His parents were supportive of his education but couldn’t find a school with quality education and healthy Mid-day Meals. Their worries ended at Feeding India adopted Max Vision School at Basai Chowk, Gurugram. Their elation knew no bounds. And the proof was right there in front of them. Many enthusiastic kids filled the classrooms and their hygienic and healthy appearance did all the explanation. Today, Nandan is one of them. He loves his teachers and the school.

The inquisitive child always looks forward to Feeding India’s mid-day meals as he know that, “A healthy mind and body will help me achieve my goal and help the society”. Ask him his favorite and pat come the reply, “Rice and Sambar”. It is reassuring to see that Feeding India’s work is making such difference in lives of hundreds of kids. Seeing the beautiful impact of our work we are inspired to do more!

Knowing Nandan and other dedicated kids like him, we can only wait to see them painting the world with bright colours while wishing them all the luck in the world.




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