The Grub Fest

The Grub Fest is one of India’s biggest food festival with the best restaurants displaying their signature delicacies over some good music and hearty performances. This time around though it had a completely new dimension attached to it as the JLN stadium and Leisure Valley – Chandigarh saw feeding India take the center stage in the shape of the ‘official philanthropy partner’.

The not-for-profit youth-run organization not only comprehensively spread awareness about its benevolent operations but also through various fun activities like Photo Booth and Knock down game successfully raised enough to secure the meals of an entire small scale school for one month.

This endowment will be primarily used further for providing regular mid-day meals to the remote schools located in the peripheries of Delhi where they serve as an eminent motivation for parents to send their children to schools. Moreover, this served to be an amazing new experience for the Feeding India volunteers where they worked in unison with utmost dedication. The event also turned our to be a great platform to engage to restaurant owners and establish long term partnerships with them.

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Inexorably, since the motto of feeding India is ‘Zero hunger’ beyond any shadow of doubt, they can’t leave any stone unturned. Therefore, pertaining to the same the volunteers collected left over food from various restaurants present at the fest to serve the needy and lived up to their reputation of SuperHeroes.

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