Lil’ Angel from Chennai!

Angels do exist. Otherwise, at a tender age of just ten years when other kids are still busy reading fairy tales, why would Naisha Rajani of Chennai who is in her fifth standard studying in Chinmaya Vidalya take a bold step to eradicate hunger. Every morning rushing for her school, as she hangs her school bag on her little shoulders, she also shoulders the responsibility of an additional bag. This bag contains some extra food, which this young girl distributes among the poor and needy while coming back home. Unlike other kids of her age she never wastes food, instead of that she believes in feeding a more needy mouth

Naisha, who’s work looks divine is very simple to talk with. Her young voice is so sweet that it feels like music to the ears. She was first discovered by Ms. Deepa Aathreya who runs an organization called “School of success” for the needy. Ms. Deepa knew that there is nothing more pure than a child’s heart. Therefore she initiated a movement by young school kids called “Be The Change”. Eight young students were selected as a part of the movement, Naisha being one amongst them. These children were further asked by to select a “cause” on which they would like to work upon.


Little Naisha closed her eyes and thought….
She could visualize the poor people who would beg for food on the streets. She saw their mouths crumpled like used wrapping paper. She opened her eyes and instantly said that she wanted to work upon eradicating hunger. Since that day this determined little girl is working hard to reach her goal.

Naisha was blessed with benevolence in the crib itself. Her parents Palak and Vikram Rajani, too share a kind heart of her daughter. They too were always distraught by the sight of a hungry. Like a doting mother Naisha’s mother felt like feeding every single hungry mouth.

The urge inside her heart found a way, when she saw a video of Ankit Kawatra. She got determined and confident and strange light filled her eyes. She quoted, “Love Food and Hate Waste”. She started distributing the left over food to the poor, but she always longed to reach out further. Therefore she chipped in with “Feeding India” to raise the smiles of hundreds of needy. Now they distribute thirty to forty packets of food every week. They have also included people with disabilities under there canopy.

They are now aiming to take their cause further by placing refrigerators outside every hotel and restaurant where the excess food can be kept and the needy can collect it.

Seeing little Naisha and her mother work relentlessly towards their goal of eradicating hunger, we can say that God’s love is being spread through such angle like hearts and the untiring benevolent human hands.

Mallika Chugh

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