Unfair  I will call it,

Unfair it has been. Maa and Paa,

Is a dream enough.

Trust, and us

Are words enough.


I have rushed and ran,

to find a morsel from a trashed can.

I have slept on the cold ground,

but my eyes still bite for sleeping sound.

I have cried and prayed,

but with time only my trust has fade.

I have been cheated by the Gods,

cause I have only met with frauds.

One thing I pray despite complains,

that no one ever falls in these horrendous lanes.


In this holy world of,

Rainbows and Sunshine.

How am  I only forbidden?

To happiness and love,

To care and share,

To schools and scales, To siblings and jails.


How am  I only forbidden?

To family and home,

To baths and foam,

To cycles and cars,

To gifts and stars.


Forbidden I am  with many  along,

It’s an unfair life with no beautiful songs….


Sheena Middha

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