#Hunger-Hero Diaries: A start to Hunger Free Ahmedabad

Leading a comfortable life with all the luxuries around we hardly realize how difficult this same life can be for a few others. Throwing parties at pricey restaurants, or dinners with extensive buffets have  become customary in our lives but more than half of the people in this country have to struggle even for a two square meals everyday .With 194 million hungry people we are in dire need of heroes like Shital from Ahmadabad .

Shital had deep interest in working for society from a very young age. As a young lad during her school days, she would always look for some or the other ways in which she could help the poor people in her neighborhood. A strong believer of “a grain wasted by one can be a grain useful to the other” she was taken aback when she realized magnanimity of the amount food wasted in one of the Feeding India’s posts. She researched about more about the organisation and went ahead to start the chapter in the city.


Having started the chapter Shital, along with 12 other volunteers decided to conduct their first donation drive by pooling in money and preparing food at home. The food was prepared in a very hygienic manner and consisted of a balanced diet – aloo ki sabji, puris, jeera rice, dal and buttermilk; and took this prepared meal to a slum in Ahmedabad. After serving the food they organised some fun activities for the kids and also taught them poetry. Shital describes how happy this made the kids, to have at least momentarily lived the life probably they always wanted to have. Their eyes gleamed with happiness and they just could not stop smiling. Thus having conducted their first drive beautifully the team then decided to conduct their second drive on the very same day as they had prepared enough. So they found another suitable location to distribute the remaining food, thus, completing their second drive successfully on the same day .The team is now set for its Third donation drive to be conducted on Sunday.

unnamed (2)

Shital says that both these drives has contributed to her experience immensely. The city leader is planning to collaborate as many restaurants possible in the city. She has also got on board a few PG owners to give away the extra food and has plans of installing donation boxes in malls so as to make people more and more aware of this cause. She concludes by saying

“Seeing the happiness in the eyes of the children brings pushes me to work even harder for the cause.Hunger Free India is attainable. And we can get it sooner if all of us decide to take a small step today”

Dipika Gohain

5 thoughts on “#Hunger-Hero Diaries: A start to Hunger Free Ahmedabad

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  1. Yes,this is a real service not only of nation but of human being..Everyone wants to do good for other but ,least have that courage to take decision to do it,,Feeding India became ideal for majority who willing to do ..
    I personally do ,what I can..But facing limit individual ,so from last six months searching for those who works in pune,.Do we serve in Pune want to become volunteer..Please inform me….
    ” Jai Bharat .Jay Jagat”


  2. Hey! Guys this is faith for humanity. We should live a life which valuables for others. Feeding india give us opportunity to do something for human beingg. If people participate in this awezome journey. I definitely sure their tensions, worries & all other problem seems to be negligible.
    Atleast try for weekends, or in ur holidays. U feel better that u have doing something great in ur life.


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