A New Year, A New YOU

Curled  up in your blanket, wondering how quickly 2016 passed and how successfully you managed to do nothing productive? Have you pulled out that bundle of New Year Resolutions that you could never follow? And even after 26 days of the New Year you still don’t know how to begin. Relax! It isn’t late yet. Let’s do some really Simple Things, which will have bigger outcomes.

Begin by helping yourself. A healthier you is essential for a healthy society. 

  • Eat healthy, stay fit.
  • Exercise daily. Sounds tough? Begin by walking daily, or even better, take the stairs instead of the elevator at work. 

Or if you think you are healthy enough,there are things you could do for your environment or the people around you.

Get up, do something for the environment before it’s too late, else your kids will read about a healthy environment as a chapter in history books with oxygen masks on their faces. Follow these simple steps:

  • Mark a radius of 50m around your house and take the responsibility of keeping it clean.
  • Begin by shifting from petrol to CNG as a fuel in cars. It will be good for the pocket too.
  • Wish to gift a bouquet to someone? Gift a sapling instead. It’s a long term investment.

in20your20hands20imageA good deed done is never lost. Help someone, it feels amazing and doesn’t even take a lot of effort.

    • Have some old clothes hiding at the back of your closet since God knows when?  Donate them because the sad truth is that you probably won’t fit into them anymore. Your old clothes might be a luxury for some.blog_clothes.jpg
    • Feed one poor person/child per week.  You probably waste more food than one meal in a week.
    • Sponsor a poor child’s education, he’ll be thankful to you all his life. Or if that sounds too much, teach your helper’s/driver’s children the basics.

Or if even that’s tough, there’s nothing more easier than this – Become a responsible citizen!

  • Pay tax. The PM is on a hunt, looking for people who don’t pay tax.
  • Never encourage bribery.ppl-no-corruption
  • Never tolerate injustice around you. Report immediately.

Make 2017 worth remembering. Make your New Year Happy.

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