5 things that made 2016 FANTASTIC!

2016 was a year of Celebrations for Feeding India and it’s Hunger Heroes. They saw their efforts bearing fruit and cherished the achievements of their Founder. Between donating food on hot summery afternoons and chilly winter nights, there are so many things we did that we are proud of today; these 5 things made it doubly special. Take a look:

  1. Now these kids ‘Eat, Play, Learn.

    Feeding India adopted 3 small scale schools in Delhi/NCR to provide regular meals to children studying in these schools.
    While these children study in a two-room school with cracked walls or some aren’t blessed enough to have a roof above their head while studying, this one-meal has become a motivation for them to attend school every day. Now these children just don’t mug up lessons, they Eat happily, play joyfully and learn cheerfully!


  2. 1 million meals in September and aiming for millions!

    The very proud Hunger Heroes of Feeding India have fed 1 million meals to the needy since 2014, all across the country! It is all because of their efforts and dedication to serve people irrespective of the weather, season, time of the day! That is why they are called ‘Heroes’.

  3. Feeding India’s first Hunger Hero becomes a UN Young Leader!

    Ankit Kawatra, the founder of Feeding India, the man behind this concept gets recognized for his work by the United Nations and is appointed as a Young Leader to advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals at the Social Good Summit at the UN Headquarters in New York, in September. This picture swells the hearts of all the Hunger Heroes with pride and respect for their inspiration:


  4. And the Karamveer Chakra follows. 

    After the UN, it was the REX Foundation to honor Ankit with the prestigious Karamveer Chakra in November. Ankit was coveted with this award for his innovative thinking and his courage to follow the path he chose.


  5. Shout-out loud, he’s the Queen’s Young Leader.

    And while everybody was celebrating his achievements, another amazing news came in – he has been selected as the Queen’s Young Leader for his exceptional work and leadership abilities. He will be presented the award by Her Majesty the Queen during a one week residential program in London along with a one year course by the University of Cambridge.



With Feeding India, it’s Hunger Heroes and their inspiration – Ankit Kawatra touching new heights everyday, we are sure that Hunger in India can be made history!


Looking forward to a promising 2017. Make your pledge towards #ZeroHunger

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