World Health Day 2016 @ Feeding India

By Shikhar Tomer

“Awareness is like the sun when it shines on things they are transformed.” Thick That Hanh

Awareness is golden. Being in the know of your consciousness, your surrounding, 
Your mere habits. It works a great deal for your benefit.

This year on World Health Day, Feeding India an opportunity to drop a few precious crumbs of awareness in a Shelter Home for Women near Kalkaji Temple.
As the team entered the shelter home, they were greeted by many smiling faces, everyone there was eager to start the activity. Slowly the room filled up and there was an enthusiastic audience.  Some of the team members got into a ice breaking session by jamming on all types of music with the children. In the meantime two chair and stools was set up to start a brief health check up.
The women started queuing  up and Dr. Loshini and Dr. Pallavi (Hunger Heroes) started a general checkup. The check up involved seeing the general well being of women and children, listening to any problem they had, referring them to a nearby health centre and the most important of all, educating them about how they can benefit from the initiatives and schemes launched by the Government, that too at no cost.  At the shelter home the volunteers encountered many women and children who were not seeking any medical help or weren’t aware of problems that they had. Both the doctors said that most of them just required a good session of counselling to reach out to the medical facilities which was available near them.

Drishti Mehta, a Hunger Hero said, “We were all shocked to see a pregnant woman, smoking a bidi (tobacco). It was so sad to see her ignorance towards her own actions and the possible effects it would have on her to be born baby.”

The volunteers saw that majority of the women were chronic smokers of bidi. On an average a woman was smoking 10-20 packets per year, which increases the risks of respiratory disorders  chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, oral cancer and lung cancer.  One of the women was pregnant  and was unwilling to give up smoking and many other woman has similar stories in the past, this puts unborn infants at the risk of hypoxia which can eventually lead to death.

And the children were following the footsteps of their mothers, Soumay Sabharwal and Manan Jain (volunteers at the event) quoted, “Another surprise came to us in our interaction with a 10 year old boy who told us how he got addicted to drugs at a tender age, and was trying to find an escape.

After the check up, a Help talk was given which covered proper technique of hand washing and brushing teeth. This seems to be a very minor thing, but one would be surprised to know how many of them were not aware of something as basic as this and the importance of these everyday habits.
Some pictures from the event:



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