A Letter to Santa

Address: The footpath,
Opposite New Delhi metro station,
Delhi, India.
14th December, 2016
Dear Santa,
How have you been? I have been waiting for you or your letters since long, but none came. Like every year, I waited for you last year too, but you did not come. I thought maybe, I had not been a good child. But this year, I made sure that I did all the good things so that you finally come to and give me my Christmas present on time.
I always wanted to become like my Father, my superhero. So after he left us and went to God, I decided to be the Man of the house. Just like him, I made sure that my younger sisters don’t go to sleep hungry, and Ma takes her medicines on time. Tell me Santa, did I miss something, was I not a good boy?
Everyday I pass by the school I went to, holding papa’s hands, now holding Ma’s hands to help her at work. I know Ma cannot send me to schools again and she can’t earn for all us alone. We sell toys on the traffic signals and pavements. On seeing the happy faces of the children who bought those toys, I often wonder how it feels like to play with those colourful toys.
Last night, I sold 10 Christmas caps, and earned a little extra money from which I bought chocolates for my sisters. Their eyes sparkled with joy to see the chocolates, they immediately took them from my hands and galloped them. I was happy to see their faces that I almost forgot that I had none left with me, but I could taste it through their smiles. Tell me Santa, was I not a good boy?
Often, we don’t have proper meals for dinner and live on the leftover food that people in the big cars give to us. At night, we have to share the only blanket we have. It becomes very cold sometimes, you must be knowing, there’s so much snow around you. Sometimes, when I see my sister shivering, I creep out of the blanket, and cover her more. I always make sure that my family is comfortable even in the little resources we have. After all I am the Man of the House- I am Strong!


But still you don’t visit me Santa! Have I really not been a good boy? Santa, this Christmas, all I ask for is a full stomach. Will you listen to my wish? I hope I was a good boy this year.

Hoping for your visit.
With love
The boy who sells Santa caps

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