#Feeding India Diaries: The Meal That Brought Tears In My Eyes – Pulkit Malhotra

By Pulkit Malhotra

My journey with Feeding India has been an amazing one. I joined the organization way back in August 2015 and from then I have transformed myself into a better human being. Whether it’s the “SuperHero of the Session” or a “Special Mention for the Highest Number of Meals in a Month”, I have achieved all of them. But what touched me deep in my heart was a special meal.

In the month of January 2016, I went to the infamous Swami Shraddhanand Marg, popularly known as G.B. Road for a donation. I was accompanied by another Super Hero and we went to the office of Kat-Katha, an NGO working for the upliftment of the ‘didis’ who are caught up in the brothels. One volunteer from Kat-Katha went with us for the donation. The donation went well without any hindrances or trouble. (Although the auto driver dropped us a Kilometer away from our destination since he wasn’t ready to go to this area).

During the donation, I saw a lot of happy faces and the reason behind that happiness was the food that we gave them. After the donation we went back to the office to interact with some of the children and didis. What we found from the Kat Katha volunteers was that there are times when the kids and the didis do not get even a single meal in a day. Their normal meal is just a cup of tea with a bread slice. Knowing this made me realize, what a plate full of rice and dal meant for them. There are people who are deprived of the bread slice too. The food that we waste everyday can really bring happiness to a lot of people.

I feel so honored and proud that Feeding India gave me an opportunity to bring a smile and happiness to the lives of hundreds of people.


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