Down the Memory Lane: spending time with children

“Don’t you wish you could take a single childhood memory and blow it up into a bubble and live inside it forever?”  ―  Sarah Adison Allen, Lost lake

Away from the teeming hustle and bustle of our busy lives, sometimes we slip down the memory lane, to the happy, nonchalant childhood days. Days that were crazy, colourful, chirpy and fun!  Those paper boat races , that dancing carefree in the rain, that feeling when your paper plane lasted  longest in the air, the two rupee ice-creams, the 25 paisa candies, the bayblade competitions, hide n seek, ice water, chain-chain, ready to ready, London bridge, freeze, simon says, the nostalgia is endless.

Unfortunately, not every child around us is privileged enough to built such memories. This ‘Joy of giving week’ (Daan Utsav) Feeding India decided to reach out to some such children, to share the memories of their own childhood and to create some for these children. Nikhil Devgan, a core team member of Feeding India, says that sharing Natkhat with the kids, which he used to love as a kid, was a very special memory that he would be taking back from the event. In his words the experience of meeting amazing kids at different places was simply “awesome”. Back2bachpan surely took us all back to our childhood days.

Nisha Jain says, “Being with those kids would be so amazing, never thought of that. The kids were so active that one could not take their eyes off from their cute activities. I went to a flashback to my childhood, how I used to tease my elders and force them to to play with me. The kids were full of manners and treated us very nicely. In #back2bachpan I created memories that will stay forever and I would love to be a part of all such events in the future.”

Rachita Jain says, “One special memory that I carried from that day was playing dodge ball. I actually used to play this game with my friends when I was in school. It was an amazing experience to live the moments back in life. Children there were really happy and so was I. Millions of smile come only when one starts smiling..and that is what I learnt from there. Children there were full of enjoyment and that makes me a better person that just because of doing little for them they are on the seventh cloud.”

With a face brimming with excitement, Anoushka Saha shared, “I felt such an immense joy inside when I saw the kids happy. We gifted some happy memories boxes Particularly, when I gave a necklace and a pretty clip to a girl, her joy knew no bounds and she hugged me. This made me feel so special. It was worth all my time and effort. I am so glad to a be a core member of #FIBhubaneswarand #feedingindia in general .I cannot explain in words how it makes me feel inside .There is something so great in working for a cause and working for someone without our own benefit . I am so proud of me n my team so that we could pull this project off so easily and in such less time .I am looking forward to working with Feeding India in future .thank you for such an opportunity.”

Japneet shared his experience, “There is no better work than to help others and make them smile in any way possible. I went with not so much thoughts in my mind and I just thought that I would have a great time as I would spend some time with some amazing children but it turned out to be such a special day for me. When we started with the drawing and crafting competition I was shocked as the children came out with such amazing ideas and it was hard for everyone present there to decide which one could have been the best of all. The best time I had was when I was trying to help the young children draw and it was hard for me as well as for them to communicate but we somehow managed and the best site to see was their smiling faces when they were being given the memory box. I think the best feeling in life is to see others smiling because of you I experienced that yesterday. The smiling and excited faces of children when they were given the memory box took me back to Bachpan as that was the exact way I reacted when I got gifts.”

A very Inspired Vikas said, “Mariam and one more girl (I am bad at remembering names) with her told me they will become Doctor and Police respectively. It’s my desire to keep visiting them regularly to ensure these two girls maintain the right path they see for themselves. Whatever time I spent with these two were my favourite moments. And before leaving, a kid came up with a heart shaped balloon as a parting gift for me. I felt like finally I am doing something after a long time. First step for me so the feeling was obviously overwhelming.”

Abhineet Kumar shared, “One memory that took me back to bachpan was of a small Muslim kid who brought out his favourite sculpture of Lord Hanuman to show me. I remembered the days of my bachpan when I used to play with kids of all religions, caste or color without thinking about any of those. It reminded me that everyone is born as human and divided into social evils as we grow up. So the biggest religion in the world is that of HUMANITY. I felt humbled and honored to be part of something that great. I realized that it does not take a big contribution to make a difference in the world. All it takes a one act of random kindness to change the world.”

This might have been a day’s event but the memories and nostalgia it gave us would be treasured for life. It might have been just a day’s adventure for the kids too, but it is memories of this day that they would cherish for long. Most importantly it has taught us all that in the act of giving, we gain more than we give away. It has inspired us all to continue spreading the joy of giving, to share all that we have, for joy, peace and contentment.


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